1. 3 years ago

    Bin Laden’s Dead! And the Pack had a solid draft.

    (1) Derek Sherrod. LT.
    TT surprised me with Sherrod at No. 32. But it was a good surprise, a solid surprise. And I love any pick that will protect Rodgers’ country ass. According to the master, Bob McGinn, Sherrod also is the character pick of the 2011 draft’s first round.
    In three words: Smart, savvy, stand-up.
    Potential nickname: “D-Rod”
    Biggest asset: His big asset.

    (2) Randall Cobb. WR/PR.
    Cobb is the GB equivalent of Percy Harvin. I gar-on-fuckin-tee you TT was sick of seeing Harvin break free over the middle and wanted an answer of his own. Both are 5’11, 190. Both out of the SEC. Both are tough-as-nails slot receivers, deep threats and return men. (Both have been known to fumble on occasion In Cobb’s case, it’s out of the Wildcat which I HOPE we don’t see much of in G.B.)
    It’s hard to match Harvin’s speed (4.41), but Cobb can keep up (4.46). Cobb caught 39 passes for 447 yards, and also rushed for 573 yards, scoring 14 total touchdowns at Kentucky. To top it off, he averaged 12.8 yards per punt return.
    So, the potential’s there my friends. I’m sure A-Rod was smiling after this pick.
    In three words: Intense, instinctive, electrifying.
    Potential nickname: A buddy of mine, and co-contributor to Rock’n’Roll Cecil Club Mr. Jay Krelt, has dubbed Randall Cobb “Oil Spill” because he can’t be contained.
    Biggest asset: Barry Sanders-esque runs.

    (3) Alex Green. RB.
    Word is this kid has as good’a hands—and apparently is as prone to fumbling—as his green-and-gold namesake, Ahman “Batman” Green. I hope this guy will become “Mr. Screen” … Hawaii Warriors used this cat to keep d’s honest with their spread offense. Averaged 8-plus a carry. One has to think new Packers wide receivers coach Edgar Bennett called this pick.
    Potential nickname: “Robin” or “Mr. Screen”
    Biggest asset: Great hands.

    I could break down the rest, but I’ll let T.T. do it for me: http://www.packers.com/media-center/videos/GM-Ted-Thompson-draft-recap/add40144-6946-4366-80bd-2d1452b0e4b4