1. 1 year ago

    The Chuck Cecil Video to end all Chuck Cecil Videos

    The NFL tried to ban this video from the net. No one stops Cecil. No one. (Tip of the cap to Rock ‘n’ Roll Cecil Club Lead Writer J. Krelt)

    chuck cecil is the ultimate packer


  2. 2 years ago

    Chuck Cecil weighs in on concussions

    “My whole thing was, I understood what I signed up for,” Cecil said. “I wasn’t under the impression that I was going to suffer some stuff that would be life-threatening later on down the road. But I knew I wasn’t going to be normal.

    “I knew that when I got to be 60 years old — if I made it to 60 — that there would be lingering effects. I understand that. But I also understand some of the lawsuits that are coming out. I understand both sides.”

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    Backup Plan: Packers QBs seem set in order

    The Packers’ mini-camp battle for three QB spots seems to be over in May.

    Packers’ powers-that-be have released former arena league lefty quarterback Nick Hill, deciding instead to develop 7th round draft pick B.J. Coleman.

    Journal Sentinel Packers Beat Writer Tyler Dunne said Hill was lacking arm strength and (as the Packers are prone to do), wanted to give him a chance to play elsewhere.

    Early on, we like what we’re hearing from Coleman, particularly when he named dropped Curly Lambeau during his first interview. Boom!

    "I feel phenomenal," he told the Times Free Press  just after being drafted. “I’ve been packing the house all day, swapping from room to room — trying to swap the luck up. To be drafted to the NFL, to get your name called, I got it put on national television, I’m a green Bay Packer, man. I’m going to be wearing that green and gold, and it’s phenomenal.”

    Not sure what “swapping” means, but he doesn’t seem all Brian Brohm-y. While there’s no telling how much playing time he’ll get behind Aaron Rodgers and Graham Harrell, it seems like Coleman has come to play. 

    “Draft night was great, but the next day I was already thinking about Minnesota and Chicago and Detroit, and trying to get ready to rock and roll,” Coleman told Packers.com, where he’s listed at 6’3, 225. However his Tennessee-Chattanooga profile has Bryon Elwyn Coleman, Jr., at a megalithic 6’5. 

    Much like B.J. Coleman, we at Cecil Club are getting ready to rock ‘n’ roll in 2012. 

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  5. 2 years ago

    Coach Cecil is Back!

    St. Louis Rams have made, perhaps, the best decision in the organization’s storied history, hiring on former Packers safety Chuck Cecil as defensive backs’ coach.

    Well, to be fair, that whole Kurt Warner pick-up wasn’t bad. But still, Cecil’s former boss (and current Rams Head Coach) Jeff Fisher opting to bring Cecil back into the fold will bolster a defense ranked 22nd in 2011.

    After retiring with the Titans in 1995, Cecil spent 10 seasons working for Fisher, rising from quality control coach in 2001 to defensive backs’ coach in 2007, ‘08 and was promoted to coordinator in 2009, and ‘10. Fisher let Chuck go in 2011 (before he, himself was fired), but alas, Cecil’s magnetism and expertise was too strong to be kept out of the game for too long.

    In his off year, Cecil reportedly interviewed with the Steelers, provided color commentary for at least one college game and no doubt played a lot of golf.

    Welcome back Chuck! Best of luck in 2012.

  6. 2 years ago

    My Love For You Will Never Die

    Feeling sentimental, so I’ll let Don Williams sum up this season, and explain how I feel now, tomorrow and forever about this team. Here’s to a great season; and a better one next year. Thanks to the Green & Gold, J. Krelt, and everyone who made this one memorable.


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    2 years ago

    A new look at Giants/Packers: 2008/2012.

    The New York Giants came into Lambeau on January 20, 2008 and beat the Packers 23-20 in overtime. It ended with Corey Webster picking off an underthrown lob pass by No. 4.

    Aside from a few replays, you will not see this on Sunday.

    It was 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

    You can expect a mean temp of 17 degrees with low winds on Sunday.

    The Packers had 88 second-half yards.

    You will not see this on Sunday.

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    Cecil Passage: Sports Illustrated, November 1993

    Funny thing is, young people love Cecil. In Green Bay a group called the Rock ‘n’ Roll Cecil Club used to come to Lambeau Field wearing Cecil’s jersey number, 26, and sporting fake blood on their noses in homage to the gore that often streamed from Cecil’s battered beak.

    Says Hernandez, Cecil’s old coach, “He’s a hero to every small, slow kid in the secondary. Kids are always saying to me, ‘God, he hits hard!’ “

    But Cecil’s skills are not easily duplicated. He may be small and slow (a 4.7 40 these days), but he has keen football intelligence, great anticipation, outstanding hand-eye coordination and the ability to raise himself to a transcendent state of competitiveness during games. Even his father, a high school football coach in Avenal, Calif., is at a loss to explain it. “I never coached him,” says Tom Cecil. “I had to talk to him in fourth and fifth grade and explain to him that games were not as important to other kids as to him. He’s just so competitive at anything he has an interest in.” Including academics: In high school Chuck had all A’s except for one B, and he graduated from Arizona with a 3.3 GPA and a degree in finance.

    Chuck’s parents have been divorced since he was a young boy. His mother, Evelyn Aardema, recalls that Chuck, the second oldest of three boys and a girl, was “the most pleasant, honest, straightforward person you’d ever want to meet.” She also remembers that she always told him he was too little to play football. Tom agreed. Chuck was not allowed to play Pop Warner ball, and it wasn’t until the family moved from central California to the San Diego area during Chuck’s junior year in high school that the boy was turned loose on a football field.

  9. 2 years ago

    2nd Annual Chuck Cecil Awards

    Charles Douglas Cecil carved himself a legacy built on hard hits, intensity, sacrificing his body, and bloody noses. The CCA’s reward this type of behavior. Packer Nation, you’ve heard all about it, and now here it is: Ladies and gentleman, now that the regular season is in the books, allow us at the Cecil Club to introduce to you, the second annual Chuck Cecil Awards.  

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    2 years ago

    System of A Touchdown

    By Stevelknievel and J. Krelt


    We find it interesting that there may be some credence to this Packers “system” argument. Vic Ketchman pointed out that McCarthy, a former quarterback and QB guru, has managed to bring in a guy that went from 24th in the draft to top of the NFL. A 7th rounder to wunderkind backup. Undrafted third-stringer to sought-after free agent.

    The modern-day NFL is a pass-first, offense-friendly league which almost wholly encourages offenses to light up the scoreboard. But there’s something to this system in Green Bay. Is it McCarthy’s off season “Quarterback School”? Or could it be the staff he’s surrounded his players with?

    McCarthys offense is designed to empower the QB. The QB has the latitude to choose from a variety of options on any single play call…so long as the QB understands the offense, which is likely the result of McCarthy’s low-enrollment QB school, and quarterbacks’ coach Tom Clements’ daily drills and film study.


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